FlowBar installed in new athletic apparel store

In March of this year, an increasingly popular brand of 'yoga-inspired' sportswear opened a store in Bicester Village outlet shopping centre.

FlowBar high capacity slot diffusers have been fitted into the ceiling of the new store. Air Diffusion was able to manufacture diffusers to a bespoke design which catered to the client's needs. FlowBar was selected because of the subtle continuous line appearance which would blend in with the rest of the store's décor. It was fitted to sit on top of the plaster board to enhance the diffuser with an expressive finish, whilst still adhering to the sleek design requirements outlined by the client.

The bespoke alterations of the FlowBar have not affected the performance or appearance of the final installation. Air Diffusion products are designed to be flexible in specification. This means sufficient ventilation is provided without the diffusers negatively affecting the appearance of a space.

The specification of the FlowBar used on the project was Border 22, High Throw and this particular model, HT-20, features a 51mm slot width.

The installation at the store was carried out by TSG Electrical & Mechanical who ensured the installation was accurate to adhere to the vision of both the client's and Air Diffusion's designs. Well done to the ceiling contractor who has formed the ceiling slot so well on this installation.

We would like to thank TSG for the photos.