Attractive and quiet diffusers used in new office space

A high-rise building has recently been built to accommodate Manchester’s growing need for office space. It is predicted that the number of office workers based in Greater Manchester is set to grow by approximately 36,000 by 2025.

Situated in the heart of Manchester, tenants and visitors to the building have the benefit of a whole host of local amenities nearby, including a recently redeveloped metro station, which provides access to the regional network line and surrounding areas. The building was designed in a simple modern-classical style to complement Manchester's Central Library nearby.

Encompassing 271,000 sq ft, the building has been awarded 'Excellent' Grade A status from industry body BREEAM for its sustainability and environmental standards. The building is incomparable in scale and design.

Air Diffusion worked with leading national engineering specialists, SES Engineering Services, to ensure designs for the commercial property included well engineered, attractive HVAC systems.


Air Diffusion has supplied the building with its High Throw (HT) series FlowBar high capacity linear slot diffusers, which have been installed in the ceilings of some of the building's office space.

This particular ventilation system was chosen for its attractive appearance; FlowBar is installed with a flangeless edge, allowing the air diffuser to become inconspicuous and blend in with other architectural elements of the space. However, its modest appearance does not mean the quality of its air handling capabilities is worsened; it is designed to combine a very high air handling capacity with maximum flexibility. FlowBar satisfies both architects and engineers requirements for being an air distribution system that will maintain optimum room air conditions whilst being efficient and modest in design.

FlowBar matches the seamless linear lighting systems which have been installed in the ceiling of the offices, alongside the air diffusers. The diffusers blend perfectly into the ceilings and walls of a minimalist design scheme, meaning this low profile product has a high impact effect.


Fixed Pattern Swirl Diffusers

The office space has also been provided with Air Diffusion’s Fixed Horizontal Air Pattern Swirl Diffusers, which have been installed as square panels in the building’s office space ceilings. This type of diffuser was chosen for its excellent air distribution patterns and air mixing. Its performance is also enhanced by low noise levels - naturally an important consideration when building offices!