Diffusers and fire dampers supplied to expansion of Stratford Hospital

A £22m expansion project to Stratford Hospital has recently been completed, almost doubling the size of the original site. A brand new 3 storey clinical building has been built which can offer patients cancer treatment and eye-related services. Building work began in 2015, with the project completed in July 2017. Throughout the development, the original main hospital building was not affected and remained open throughout the entire period of work.

The new part of the building required technically-advanced air ventilation and fire safety equipment that could effectively ventilate and protect the building and its occupants. We were approached by the services consultant due to the variety of brands and products we could provide. Contractors had a specific requirement for damper control to be provided from the face of the diffusers and Air Diffusion was able to size, design and supply custom sized diffusers for the project that would work with Actionair dampers and satisfy the design specification.

Air Diffusion

Air Diffusion’s 4-way Square Louvre Face Ceiling Diffusers with opposed blade dampers have been installed to regulate air flow. The ultra slim depth of the diffuser has a pleasing aesthetic appearance that blends discreetly into the ceiling space of the hospital.

Linear Slot Diffusers with 4 slots have been installed in ceilings. Since the building would be experiencing fluctuating rates of occupancy, its layout would demand an air distribution system that includes built-in adaptability to suit the relocation of internal partitioning.

Air Diffusion’s diffusers satisfy both contractors and architects needs; the ventilation system performs to the design requirements and is aesthetically pleasing.

To further satisfy the contractor’s requirements, in the new clinical building the diffusers have even become a statement piece; the white linear slot diffusers stand out next to the black ceiling tiles and Air Diffusion provided cord-operated spigot dampers to allow the airflow to be balanced through the face of the diffuser.


Actionair, fire and smoke experts for more than 40 years, supplied more than 30 SmokeShield fire/smoke dampers to be installed throughout the building and prevent the spread of fire and smoke in the case of an emergency. These CE marked and ‘ES’ rated dampers are designed for applications in normal dry filtered air systems, enabling Air Diffusion’s products to work extremely well alongside Actionair’s dampers.

SmokeShield dampers are incredibly versatile in application; they can be connected to square, rectangular, circular or flat oval ductwork, allowing almost any space to be properly equipped with fire and smoke safety systems. The unique snaplock drive interface ensures a user friendly connection of the control panel which operates the SmokeShield.

Continued involvement

Stratford Hospital is now undergoing further expansion, utilising the unused capacity space to create an MRI suite. Air Diffusion and its 4-way Square Louvre Face Ceiling Diffusers have been selected again for the next stage of the development of Stratford Hospital. The redevelopment of Stratford Hospital demonstrates the variety and reliability of services Swegon Air Management, our brands and products can provide for a project and a modern building’s needs.