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Flexible design

The Ceiling Collection range consists of 5 different diffusers, to cater to a variety of applications, whilst maintaining a high level of performance and comfort.

  • Unique and adaptable ALS commissioning box with 360°C rotation
  • Variety of faceplates suitable for VAV, DCV and CAV systems
  • High and low capacity options
  • Easy and quick selection data
  • Full range of BIM models available

Discs for a flexible spread pattern

The positioning and direction of the discs on the EAGLE and COLIBRI faceplates can be easily rotated, to cater to the needs of the room and its occupants. This changes the spread pattern without affecting air flow, pressure drop or sound level, ensuring a consistent level of air distribution with minimal sound. 

Simple installation 

Ceiling Collection diffusers have been designed to simplify installation and reduce time spent on site commissioning diffusers.

All diffuser faceplates are manufactured with hinges that clip smoothly into the backing box and holds the diffuser face securely to the box.

Smooth replacement

The face is easily installed and unhinged to enable maintenance personnel to access inside the ductwork when necessary without having to fully detach the faceplate from the backing box. The faceplates are so lightweight and simple to use, they can be replaced and changed easily and regularly using the unique Quick Access card. Only one person is required for this - an installer's and building owner's dream!

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EAGLE Ceiling.jpg

High Performance

Faceplates have been designed so that the diffusers can handle large temperature differences and lowest possible sound levels. Most evident in the LOCKZONE and COLIBRI, their swirled shape and slot positions allow for a large range of air temperatures to pass through, whilst maintaining an even distribution of air into a space and resulting in optimum air quality.

Optimum comfort with minimum noise levels

  • Sound attenuated, laminated insulation inside our ALS commissioning box to reduce noise and optimise occupant comfort and IEQ
  • Equalising plate for even air distribution
  • Spigot damper with a perforated blade to avoid cold draught and noise

Unique commissioning

The ALS Commissioning Box has an exclusive design for the Ceiling Collection, to make installation as simple as possible. The box has been designed to allow true 360°C rotation so that the box can be fitted to the diffuser from any direction - making the most of increasingly small and complex ceiling voids.

The ALS and the diffusers can be fitted in a large range of ceiling types and sizes, increasing the scope for installation possibilities and keeping the installer's job simple and quick.

Quick, flexible installation

  • Hose connected to pressure measurement nipple in the box
  • Quick access function for easy mounting and dismounting diff user plate.


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The Ceiling Collection Range

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