COLIBRI - Ceiling Collection


COLIBRI - Ceiling Collection

Key Features

  • Adjustable discs
  • 100% flexible spread pattern
  • Can be used for vertical air diffusion
  • Swirl function
  • Also available in the extract air version
  • Designed for modular suspended ceilings (595 x 595 mm)
  • Quick Access diffuser face
  • Easy to access
  • ALS commissioning box with 1 or 2 changes in dimension between the inlet and outlet.
  • Available in a version with low installation height
  • Available in alternative colours

Small disc pattern

The COLIBRI air diffuser has been designed with small discs arranged in a circular pattern. The COLIBRI, as with all of our disc air diffusers, can change spread pattern as the need arises, without changing the airflow, pressure drop or sound level.


The square supply air diffuser consists of a diffuser backing box and a diffuser face. It has been designed with small discs arranged in a circular pattern. As with all of our disc diffusers, the COLIBRI spread pattern can change as the need arises, without changing the airflow, pressure drop or sound level.

The diffuser face is equipped with aerodynamically shaped, adjustable discs. The diffuser face is hung on hinges on one side and secured by springs on the opposite side.

This Quick Access fastening system makes it simpler and quicker to open and close the diffuser face for installation, commissioning and cleaning. The air diffuser is also available in a version designed for installation in a ceiling void where low installation height is required. The air diffuser is then supplied without sleeve coupling.

Why choose CEILING Collection?

The diffusers have been designed with all parties in mind, to be as cost-effective as possible and to ensure that from installer to end user, the diffusers are as simple as possible to install and maintain.

High performing

The CC range has been designed to achieve a high level of performance. The 5 different faceplates available cater to a variety of applications. Their design has taken into consideration the installation process, ensuring this as seamless a task as possible. These diffusers have been designed with all parties in mind, to ensure that from installer to end user, every individual can achieve optimum comfort.

Easy installation and replacement

All diffuser faceplates are manufactured with hinges that clip smoothly into the backing box. The face can be easily unhinged with a Quick Access card to enable installers or maintenance personnel to access inside the ductwork when necessary.

Multidirectional commissioning

The ALS Commissioning Box has a unique design for the CC range, to further make installation as simple as possible. The box has been designed to allow true 360°C rotation so that the box can be fitted to the diffuser from any direction – making the most of increasingly small and complex ceiling voids.


There are a variety of slot and spread patterns available depending on the diffuser selected. The disc diffusers, in particular, allow for the most flexible spread pattern. The positioning and direction of the discs can be easily changed to cater to the occupants needs.

Large temperature differences

The faceplates have also been designed in a way that means the diffusers can handle larger temperature differences. The shape and slot positions allow for a large range of air temperatures to pass through, whilst maintaining an even distribution of air into a space resulting in optimum air quality.


Our ALS commissioning box not only makes for easy commissioning, but also helps to improve the indoor environment and comfort and well-being of a building’s occupants. Internally, the ALS box is perforated which makes the diffusers even quieter – an ideal choice for an office or conference room.

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