COLIBRI - Ceiling Collection


COLIBRI - Ceiling Collection

Key Features

  • Adjustable discs
  • 100% flexible spread pattern
  • Can be used for vertical air diffusion
  • Swirl function
  • Also available in the extract air version
  • Designed for modular suspended ceilings (595 x 595 mm)
  • Quick Access diffuser face
  • Easy to access
  • ALS commissioning box with 1 or 2 changes in dimension between the inlet and outlet.
  • Available in a version with low installation height
  • Available in alternative colours

Small discs, design pattern.

The COLIBRI terminals are disc air diffusers with smaller discs arranged in a circular pattern. The COLIBRI, as all of our disc air diffusers, can change spread pattern, as the need arises, without changing the airflow, pressure drop or sound level.


The square supply air diffuser consists of a diffuser backing box and a diffuser face. The diffuser face is equipped with aerodynamically shaped, adjustable discs. The diffuser face is hung on hinges on one side and secured by springs on the opposite side. This Quick Access fastening system makes it simpler and quicker to open and close the diffuser face for installation, commissioning and cleaning. air diffuser is also available in a low version for installation in a ceiling void where low installation height is required. The air diffuser is then supplied without sleeve coupling.

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