Drop Plaque Perforated Face Ceiling Diffuser (DPP)


Drop Plaque Perforated Face Ceiling Diffuser (DPP)

Key Features

Extruded Aluminium Sections
Welded Frame Construction
Supply or Return Air Applications
Optional Opposed Blade Damper
Purpose Designed Plenum Boxes

Model DPP


15mm Bevel Edge 595 x 595mm
598 x 598mm


The newly designed Model DPP square drop plaque perforated face ceiling diffuser is designed to suit a 600 x 600mm grid ceiling system and is available in two overall face sizes of 595 x 595mm or 598 x 598mm. It is offered for either supply or extract applications. When used for supply air the diffuser is fitted with an internal cruciform holding the deflection vane quadrants, the vanes are arranged to provide the required air pattern. For extract use no deflection vanes are fitted.


Outer frame sections mitred with welded seams. Perforated faces fixed using pivot pin or clip in bracket arrangement.


Model DPP includes a set of air pattern vanes which for supply air is arranged in a 4 way air pattern, although 3 way, 2way opposite, 2 way corner and 1 way air patterns may also be provided by re-arranging the air pattern vanes accordingly.

As standard each diffuser gives a horizontal supply air discharge pattern. For matching return air diffusers the deflection plates of air pattern vanes are omitted.

With the diffuser in situ, the deflection plates and vanes can be re-positioned to alter the air pattern but the visual appearance remains unchanged, increasing the aesthetic appeal of the diffuser.

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