Exhaust and Supply Air Valves (EPV-1/SPV-2)


Exhaust and Supply Air Valves (EPV-1/SPV-2)

Key Features

Supply and Exhaust Air Valves
Easy Airflow Adjustment
Steel Construction
Mounting Ring


Air valves offer a simple yet effective means of providing supply and extract air for most commercial, industrial and domestic ventilation applications. The Models EPV-1, SPV-2 are typically installed in Hotels, Flats, Apartments, Halls of Residence and Hospitals.


All main components from Pressed Steel with foam gasket seal.



The Model EPV-1 has a convex inner cone for use on exhaust systems, whilst the Model SPV-2 has a concave inner cone for use on supply systems, both are supplied with a steel fixing collar. Adjustment of the airflow rate is obtained by rotating the inner cone either inward or outward. Once the required setting is achieved the inner cone is held in place by use of an integral locknut.


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