Hydropac Fancoil Unit


Hydropac Fancoil Unit

Key Features

  • Rigid Construction
  • Eco Friendly low energy fans
  • Low noise levels
  • Variable speed
  • Minimal fan heat
  • Instant adjustment to environment changes.

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Air Diffusion Hydropac horizontal ceiling void mounted fancoil units are waterside control suitable for operation against moderate duct resistances, using chilled water cooling and low pressure hot water heating media. 

The Fancoil is available as a EVW230 for vertical applications - vertical chassis (for builders enclosure) or cased (available when 2 port or 4 port) and with fundamental dimensions, materials and operating characteristics similar to the horizontal unit.

The installation requirements for wall mounted vertical units are largely the same as for horizontal units, as described on page 9 of the brochure. 

Casing finish is RAL9010 or RAL 9001/BS 10B15 leatherette powder coating. The grille is silver.

Condensate pumps are available for the vertical unit (in-chassis mounted) and for the horizontal unit (remote/ under unit mounted). The noise that may be created by the intermittent operation of a condensate pump is not included in the fancoil acoustic analysis/selection. Universal peristaltic high lift, reciprocating high flow, and mini pumps are available, full details on application.

The EHW230 chassis is 230mm deep and available in four widths from 600-1700mm. 

The EVW230 is available in four different case options, please see page 11 of the brochure for more details.