Fire Block and Press Steel Grille (FB60/FB120)


Fire Block and Press Steel Grille (FB60/FB120)

Key Features

The FB60 is fire resistant for sixty minutes, the FB120 for two hours. Sodium silicate based intumescent material. Provides the lowest activation temperature of any intumescent material at 100 degrees C.

It is encapsulated in PVC extrusions assembled in the form of a matrix.

Fire Block FB120 Graphite based intumescent material.

Provides resistance to moisture and aggressive environments. It is wrapped in metal foil creating a 4mm thick section which is both rugged and easy to install.


The grille can be supplied in various sizes at 50mm increments, although 150 x 150, 200 x 200, 300 x 200, 300 x 300 and 350 x 350mm are standard.


This product's compact form allows for installation in doors or other apertures where other types of block cannot be fitted or accessed after installation. Requiring no commissioning or operation function checks these products provide confidence with economy. Available in sizes from 98mm square to 598mm square and many height to width ratios in 25mm increments.

This all-purpose block can be relied upon to function in extremes of climate and environment. It can suffer considerable abuse during and after installation without losing effectiveness in the control of fire and hot gases.

Contaminants do not readily adhere to it and therefore an efficient airflow can be expected throughout its working life. The FB120 range blocks can be assembled in multi-modules in order to protect large apertures.


The composite intumescent material selected for the FB120 range consists of graphite particles that are contained in a carrier that is impervious to the effects of water. The material when activated by heat produces a very durable barrier to the spread of fire and hot gases, whilst providing good insulation performance. 

Intumescent slats are formed by wrapping intumescent material in metal foil, creating a 4mm thick section. Steel channels, 5.5mm wide, support the outer edges of the slat and are themselves located into notches in both the front and back steel frames. The two piece outer frame is arranged to give a thermal break between the front and back and is made from 1.00mm. galvanised mild steel. 

Each block size is manufactured 2mm less than a nominal aperture size to Fire Block FB120 provide clearance when installed in a door or other aperture of the same nominal dimensions. e.g. a 198mm x 198mm nominal size block will suit a 200mm x 200mm duct/door aperture. The complete assembly is a rugged block that is easy to install and will require minimal, if any, post installation attention.



The Fireblock is designed to provide up to 60 minutes fire resistance to ventilation openings in fire doors and openings in fire compartments required for air transfer. It can be supplied with a range of decorative grilles.

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