Fixed Air Pattern Ceiling Swirl Diffuser (OD-4)


Fixed Air Pattern Ceiling Swirl Diffuser (OD-4)



The Model OD-4 is a fixed air pattern swirl diffuser giving a horizontal discharge with a set of pre-formed close pitch vanes and being available in either a square or circular ceiling panel format. An additional anti smudge diffuser ring may be fitted to minimise the collection of dust particles on the diffuser face. Typical applications include all general offices and reception areas.


Manufactured on CNC press from sheet steel.



Swirl Diffusers are designed to create a rotary swirling motion to the supply air discharge, which rapidly induces the room air to quickly decrease the velocity and temperature difference of the supply air.



Model OD-4 ceiling swirl diffuser in square or circular ceiling panels

Size 400
Size 500
Size 600
Size 625
Size 600D
Size 625D
Size 675D

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