flowdisc 2.png
flowdisc 2.png


Key Features

  • Spread pattern can be shielded
  • Cleanable
  • Adjustable slot
  • Available in alternative colours
  • Attenuated faceplate
  • Clean aesthetic appearance
  • Architecture feature
  • Spigot & rubber sealing ring
  • Individually packaged with protection dust cap


The FlowDisc consists of two parts: a flat upper section with a connection spigot having a rubber sealing ring, and a removable diffuser face. Between the upper section and the diffuser face there is a slot which has two alternative positions. The unit comes complete with acoustic insulation.

Materials and surface treatment

The upper section is manufactured in galvanized sheet steel. The diffuser face is made of sheet steel. The complete diffuser is powder coated both internally and externally standard white RAL 9010 30% gloss. The unit is also available in other standard colours: silver RAL 9006, jet black RAL 9005 and white RAL 9003. 

Project planning

The diffuser has a completely flat upper surface, which means that it can be mounted fully sealed onto a concrete ceiling (dimension for hole cut = nom. connection dimension + 5 mm).


When suspended freely, the inlet spigot of the diffuser is fixed to the connecting duct with blind rivets. When mounted sealed to the ceiling, the diffuser can be screwed in place through the upper surface if the building material is suitable. The diffuser face is removed by turning the springs which grip the pins through ¼ turn.


The diffuser can be cleaned when necessary using luke warm water with added detergent. The duct system can be accessed without the use of tools. The diffuser face is removed by turning the springs which grip the pins of the diffuser face through ¼ turn.

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