High Induction Slot Diffusers (LD13)


High Induction Slot Diffusers (LD13)

Key Features

Each diffuser incorporates an adjustable inner cylindrical deflector, which, by simply swivelling gives a full 360° range of air supply adjustment options, left, right and vertical discharge or a combination of all three from a single diffuser. The cylindrical deflectors also provide air control and shut off if required.

Slot Sizes
15mm - LD13

2 Slot Widths
2 Flange Style
1 to 4 Slots
Aluminium Frame Construction
Cylinder Inner Deflectors
Swivel Discharge Adjustment
Matching Plenum Boxes

Standard finish is Anodised Aluminium.


The High Induction Slot diffusers are suitable for mounting heights of 2.5 to 4.0 metres and may be used for heating or cooling applications. A high induction rate and a rapid decrease of temperature difference means these diffusers are ideal for use in most air distribution system designs.

Available in 1, 2, 3 or 4 slot widths, the maximum standard length of diffuser is 2 metres, although individual diffusers can be joined together to form longer sections. Corner sections and angle pieces may also be supplied to maintain a continuous appearance.

Purpose designed matching plenum boxes simplifies installation and ensures diffuser characteristics for optimum performance.

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