Horizontal or Vertical Air Pattern Ceiling Swirl Diffuser (OD8)


Horizontal or Vertical Air Pattern Ceiling Swirl Diffuser (OD8)

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Model OD-8


Model OD-8/K1, Model OD-8/K4, Model OD-8/R1 and Model OD-8/K4
Size 300/8
Size 400/16
Size 500/16
Size 600/16
Size 625/16
Size 500/24
Size 600/24
Size 625/24
Size 600/48
Size 625/54
Size 800/72
Size 825/72

(The Model OD-8/K is available in all sizes to suit a nominal 600 x 600mm ceiling grid).

Adjustable air pattern. Horizontal or Vertical Air Pattern Ceiling Swirl Diffuser

The Model OD-8 is an adjustable horizontal or vertical air pattern swirl diffuser, having a series of slots in a curved radial format, within a circular or square ceiling panel. Contained in the slots are nylon deflectors, which allows the direction of the supply air to be altered from left to right whilst also being capable of adjustment to provide a vertical discharge. For extract use the nylon deflectors are omitted. Typical applications include most general offices, shops or other commercial areas.

External components constructed from steel with internal deflectors from nylon. Stainless steel also available, please state type of finish required, either polished or brushed, and grade of material.

Swirl Diffusers are designed to create a rotary swirling motion to the supply air discharge, which rapidly induces the room air to quickly decrease the velocity and temperature difference of the supply air.