Key Features

  • Robust steel design
  • Manages airflows substantially below room temperature
  • Cleanable
  • Sold with dirt trap - can be fitted with optional damper for balancing
  • Available in alternative colours


Circular supply air diffuser for installation in a floor where the diffuser face has guide-vane perforations arranged in a circular pattern for vortex air distribution.

Materials and Finish

The duct diffuser is made of galvanized steel. The air diffuser is supplied with a connection frame fitted with a spigot connection. LOCKZONE B is as standard powder painted in  a grey colour, RAL 7037, with an extra durable surface finish.


To special order, the air diffuser can be supplied in other sizes, colours, etc. For further particulars, get in touch with us.


Dirt trap / Damper: Galvanised Steel dirt trap with galvanised steel plate - sealed with a rubber gasket.

Project Planning

If the space below the raised floor is used as a floor void pressure chamber, it is advisable to use the dirt trap / damper accessory. The total airflow in the pressure chamber should then be checked by means of a flow measurement and control damper, to be placed in the connecting duct system. The pressure rise in the air diffuser ensures a uniform airflow across all the air diffusers installed in the system.


LOCKZONE B is equipped with a damper to aid commissioning. To measure the airflow it is advisable to install a flow measurement and control damper in the duct system upstream of the so-called pressure chamber. The total airflow in the pressure chamber can then be checked using this flow measurement and control damper.


The air diffuser can be cleaned, if necessary, using lukewarm water with dishwashing detergent added or by vacuum cleaning using a brush nozzle. The duct system can be reached for cleaning after opening the diffuser face.

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