Swirl⁸ - Ceiling Swirl Diffuser

Swirl8 - product imag.png
Swirl8 - product imag.png

Swirl⁸ - Ceiling Swirl Diffuser

Key Features

  • Available in 300, 400, 500 and 600mm square formats

  • Available in 400, 500 and 600mm circular formats

  • Volume flow rate range - 10-300l/s (based on 35NR/30pa max)

  • For supply and extract air applications

  • Suitable for variable and constant volume

  • High induction for excellent mixing of air

  • Volumes in excess of 25 air changes per hour can be achieved

  • Adjustable air pattern

  • Face plates available in a wide variety of RAL colours

  • Blades available in black or white

  • Matching plenum boxes (circular/square) available with the option of a cord operated or manual operated quadrant damper

Swirl8 is an adjustable pattern swirl air diffuser suitable for mixed flow ventilation and variable and constant volume systems.

The rotary swirl motion of the supply air rapidly induces room air to quickly decrease the velocity and temperature difference of the incoming supply air and helps create uniform air velocities and temperatures within the occupied zone.

Due to the design of the diffuser and resulting air pattern, air change rates of up to 25+ per hour can be achieved whilst still maintaining comfort levels. The diffuser can be used with a horizontal air pattern on ceiling heights ranging from 2.6-4.0m, primarily in cooling applications.

Our purpose designed and individually selected plenums boxes will ensure optimum performance from the Swirl8 diffuser.

Adjustable Air Pattern

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 11.13.12.png

Materials and Finish

External face plates constructed from galvanised steel with internal deflectors from flame retardant ABS.

Polyester powder coat to RAL9010 - 30% gloss to all external surfaces with black flame retardant ABS internal deflectors, as standard. White deflectors are available as an option.

Alternatively, we have five standard RAL colours to select from and are also able to finish from other colours within the RAL range on request.

Plenum box and crossbar manufactured from 0.7mm galvanised sheet steel as standard.

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